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Invest-Manage is an independent investment management company dedicated to providing first-rate results, strategic counsel, and the highest degree of client support.

The firm's corporate and private investors are located in 21 states and more than 7 countries and regions, and they are represented by over 120 associates globally, many of whom are stock shareholders.

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Start Investing In 3 Steps

Here is how we actually process everything and get started on investing and profiting.

Fixed Income Strategies

We believe that by following a fixed income strategy on a stable foundation can generate and provide risk control and high profit rates.

Core Fixed Income

Through Core Fixed Income our firm invests on a taxable fixed income portfolio by using core stability.

Sustainable Investing

We seek to provide our clients with long-term investment options based on first-rate success, insightful guidance, and the highest quality of support.

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95% client-retention rate

For the past 5 years, our client-retention rate has been 95% - we think this shows the long-term relationships we build with our loyal clients.


The field where we're mostly focused is, of course, investments. We study the markets, make our calculations, and then help you make a decision.

Physical or Virtual Money

With crypto being so popular nowadays, we offer the possibility to work and handle physical as well as virtual currencies.

Savings Account

With all the income and high-profit rates incoming, you will need and require a savings account.

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Our team is settled on guaranteeing that our clients only get the best services.

If you'd like to invest money over the long run, we suggest that you follow three main factors: analysis, strategy and discipline. In an advisory consultation, we'll study your personal financial situation, choose an investment strategy and help you practice it in a disciplined way.

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